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M.A.D. Live Academy Each Day

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M.A.D. Live Academy Each Day

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:20 am

Greetings, M.A.D. Duelist.


Since we want Our Academy So special and Fun. This will be both, Special for M.A.D. Academy.

It's a Live M.A.D. Tourney. Each day will be one.


A-> You have to be Tested.

B-> Follow KCVDS Banned List.

C-> I have the power to Decline or Accept any member to this Tournament.

D-> Do not Complain.

E-> Do not Spam.


Tournament play-through/Set-up:

A-> Who can Host this Tourney of Live?



A-> Any Staff Member Except a Tester.

B-> The Games will be Best Two of three.

C-> Siding is Allowed.

D-> Changing Decks between Duels allowed.

E-> Changing Decks between Rounds = Auto Kick.



The Winner 1000 M.A.D. Credits if the players are 16. | 500 M.A.D. Credits. if 8 Players.

Your name will be put in the Winners List.


Winners List:

M.A.D. Live Tourney #1 -->

M.A.D. Live Tourney #2 -->

M.A.D. Live Tourney #3 -->

M.A.D. Live Tourney #4 -->

M.A.D. Live Tourney #5 -->

M.A.D. Live Tourney #6 -->


Hamachi Networks will be:

M.A.D. Live



Banned Decks:

A-> Machina Gadgets
B-> Blackwings
C-> Lightsworns
D-> Fortune Simorgh
E-> Exodia OTK
F-> All kind of OTKs.
G-> All kind of FTKs.
H-> Burn Decks
I-> All Assault Mode are allowed EXCEPT Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode.
J-> X-Saber.
K-> Final Countdown
L-> Gladiator Beast all Kind.
M-> Evil heroes.

~Special Thanks to PsychoDad.


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Re: M.A.D. Live Academy Each Day

Post by vossbros on Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:06 pm

Slifer Red
Slifer Red

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